GTA Online

Here is a quick overview of my GTA online account and its current financial situation.

Money Breakdown

NameGTA DollarsShark Card USD
Total Property Value$89,023,000$899.91
Total Vehicle Value$299,907,971$2,999.70
Total Asset Value$388,930,971$3,899.61
Money in Bank$105,078,423$1,099.89
Casino Chips$2,942,000$39.98
Total Crate Value$7,507,500$99.98
Total Account Value$504,458,894$5,099.49
Safe Earnings Per Day$392,000$9.98
Daily Fees$124,500$4.99
Profit/Loss From Safes/Daily Fees$267,500$9.98
Gross YTD Earnings$1,000,000$19.98
Gross YTD Spending$1,827,464$39.98
Total Wish List Cost$134,063,000$1,399.86
Money Left to Grind$28,984,577$299.97
Grind Money Per Day$1,000,000$19.98

The Grind

Total Grind Days505
Total Grind Weeks73
Grind Days Remaining29
Grind Weeks Remaining5
Average Days to Grind12
Days Played This Year2
Wish List Completion Date3/30/2023

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